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We have for over 10 years been specializing in R&D, manufacturing and promoting of wind and solar power products. As one of the leading factories in the green energy source field, we supply good quality, low-priced renewable energy systems - proving that renewable power need not cost the earth, and we have provided you very comprehensive alternative energy products, including complete systems, solar power panels, wind power generators, inverters, and controllers.

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  • 600w-Wind-Turbine
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  • 200W Wind Turbine in Canada
  • 300W Wind Turbine in New Zealand
  • 300W Wind Turbine in Australia
  • 750W Wind Turbine in India-2
  • 10KW wind solar hybrid system in India
  • Wind-solar hybrid streetlamp applying in Australia
  • 3KW on grid system in Turkey
  • 2KW48V wind turbine in USA
  • Powering system in Slovakia